Jan Schoonover is a leather artist, teacher and friend. His classes introduced me to the extreme embossed style of leather carving that I enjoy doing. Visit his website at

Robert Beard is one of the most talented leather artists I know. He is also a very good teacher, and maker of some of the very best leather tools available anywhere. Visit his website at

Silva Fox is a master leather carver and author of the Dazzling Color dvd. She does some of the most amazing coloring on leather. Her dvd taught me a lot about using acrylic color on leather, and her encouragement has motivated me to keep trying new things. Visit her website at

Paul Burnett is a master leather artist and teacher. His leather lessons are some of the best ever written and you can view his free lessons online or purchase his in depth lessons from his website at

Jim Linnell is a master leather carver and Director of Operations for Tandy Leather Company. He is also passionate about teaching leather. He teaches numerous classes each year around the world. It has been a pleasure to help out as one of the many volunteers in his kids class at the Sheridan, Wy leather trade show for the past several years. Visit Jim's website at

I have been a fan of Kate's work for a long time. She may be best known for her leather game boards, but everything she makes is top of the line.

Shirley does motorcycle seats among other things and one of her specialties is pinup art. Visit her site at
Bad Ass Seats by Shirley Zanelli

One of Caroline's specialties is leather masks. Check out her site at
Leatheroo Leather Creations

Verlane was an amazing lady, saddlemaker, teacher, friend. I'm gonna miss you Verlane!
Verlane Desgrange

Tina Croff is relatively new to leather carving, but she has so much natural talent for it! She carries over her other artistic abilites to leather and creates some beautiful leather pieces. Check out her new site at

A Fantasy in Leather

Paul and Rosa Zalesak of Leather Wranglers Inc. are a couple of the nicest people you are ever gonna meet. They are also makers of one of the nicest swivel knives you are ever gonna use. Be sure to check out thier website, or better yet, drop by thier booth at one of the leather shows they attend throughout the year.

Leather Wranglers Inc.



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