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Embossed leather pictures are one of my favorite things to do with leather. Robb Barr is usually given credit for developing the technique. Jan Schoonover has taken the technique to an even higher level. I have taken several classes from Jan in order to learn the process. Robb also put out a series of video lessons through Hidecrafter Leather on how he did many of his embossed pictures. I have carved many of patterns Robb taught on his videos. The first picture I ever attemtped in this style was a bighorn ram in a class with Jan Schoonover. I was really thrilled with how this first project turned out.

My second class project with Jan was a quarter horse.

This is a bobcat from a class Jan taught in Sheridan, Wy

Native american picture from a class in Billings, MT where Jan lives.

Pronghorn antelope from another class in Billings, MT

Brown bear from a class in Mandan, ND

Horse looking over a fence from a class in Sheridan, Wy.

The next several pictures are from Robb Barr's instructional video series. I never got to meet Robb, but I have had the opportunity to see quite a bit of his work in person and he was an amazing artist.

The first picture I finished in Robb's series was the puppy in a heart.

This next picture is of Robb's Whitetail deer. This picture won me my first blue ribbon in an Internation Federation of Leather Guilds show.

The grizzly bear is one of my favorite of Robb's patterns. I have done this one several times.

I have always found faces to be really hard to carve, but with Robb's help, this one turned out really well. Robb called this one Chief Plenty Horse.

Wolf puppy

White Buffalo

Breaking out eagle



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